Padziwe Digital Library

PDL - IGCSE Version PDL - MSCE Version

We present to you Padziwe Digital Library (PDL), a comprehensive software package for secondary education. The software contains learning materials which students can use in their study sessions. The software currently comes in two versions: MSCE and IGCSE, and covers 10 for both:

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Digital Libraries

Padziwe Digital Libraries

Isn’t it time for your learning institution to have a Digital Library?

  • Why should you spend money buying multiple copies of a book when you can purchase only one and make it available for everyone?
  • Why should you stress over physical space of your library when you can have an unlimited number of collections?
  • Why should you be stranded when your library gets destroyed by disasters when you can have a complete backup to be restored within minutes?
  • Why should your students be given time limits in accessing books when they can have unlimited access to them?

 It’s time for you to harness the power of technology to make learning less burdensome and less expensive. Use our expertise in building an efficient library for your courses and watch as learning becomes smooth.

Electronic publishing

One of the ways we can help you deliver digital/electronic information to your intended audiences is through electronic publishing. We will carefully bundle your information through the following products:

  • Mobile apps
  • E-books
  • Audio books
  • Websites
  • Desktop software
  • Wikis
  • Multimedia (posters, animations, videos, etc)
  • Etc. 


Padziwe websites

A website is your online office. Chances are more people will visit your website more than they will visit your physical offices. Hence, your website has no choice but to be smart, interactive, easy to find, and aesthetically pleasing to your clients’ eyes. It needs to have rich and animated illustrations, precise content, tools that help you attend to your clients or stakeholders fast, and security mechanisms.

Our web development process for you will involve not only building the website but also designing eye-catching graphics, videos, and animations to illustrate your web content precisely and captivatingly. We will build and incorporate any tool that you need to have on the website. If you like, we will also provide a domain name for your website and host it on our servers. This will give you the complete freedom you deserve when it comes to managing your online office.

Let’s make your online office help you deliver your company’s goals.

Educational software

We specialize in building applications that deliver instructional content to targeted audiences. In this regard, our objective is to maximize the possibility of the audience grasping the intended content. We will work together with you to customize your content for successful delivery. We will create graphics, videos, audio narrations and interactive animations that illustrate the concepts you are trying to get across to the people. Your audience will be highly engaged with these concepts, thus not likely to forget them. Let us educate the world together.

We will make your lessons available in whatever format you prefer whether it is via mobile applications, websites, desktop software, videos, audio books, e-books, etc.

So far, the educational software we have been able to develop include:

  • Padziwe Digital Library (PDL)
  • PDL Mobile Apps
  • Mobile apps for Primary school
  • Computer Lessons