Padziwe Systems: Information Matters.

We are a team of young people geared towards improving education in Malawi and Africa. Most of our products and services target schools, teachers and, most importantly, students. We want every student to be able to understand what they are studying. Therefore, our learning software simplifies learning content by adding videos, interactive animations, audios, etc to help students grasp the concepts.

We also develop customized applications tailored to any client's needs

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Diverse Skills

Our web applications are worked on by various teams with various skill sets at Padziwe. We have marketers, graphic designers, videographers, content professionals, teachers, programmers, and web developers. All these bring their input to make a project truly flawless.

Latest Technologies

We move with the times. Our web applications are developed using latest technologies to enhance their performance, graphical interfaces, and execution speed.

The best

We despise average. We realize how easy it is to do things just good enough for our client. So before commencing on any project we take time to explore the best and most effecient way of implementing that project. We go the extra mile and add any other features which would enhance the project in any way.

Recent Works

Padziwe Online Secondary School

Padziwe Online Secondary School (POSS)

The first online school for MSCE students. Note: This service is currently disabled

Padziwe Tablet

A mobile device loaded with robust learning software. It contains easy-to-understand lessons, books, question papers, study guides, etc.

Achieving 100 Percent Pass Rate at MSCE

In this White Paper, our CEO discusses how we can help every student pass their exams using technology.

Padziwe Digital Library

Comrehensive learning software for MSCE (Malawi) and IGCSE. This is truly the most profound way of learning.

Let Padziwe develop your applications

Padziwe Online Secondary School

We are dedicated to bring satisfaction to our clients by developing applications that work perfectly. You will never regret hiring us.

  • Timely completion of projects
  • Final product/service is always great
  • Additional features
  • Involving you all the way
  • Complete handover

"We go the extra mile to make sure your application(s) are above average"

CEO, Pilirani Kumasewera

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